Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Finally up to date again....

After two separate weeks away in quick succession it's taken a while to get my posts back up to date, however I've finally made it! I sense this will be short lived though as I'm off on holiday again tomorrow.......
Wednesday 31st July
The pattern for this square has been adapted from this one:
I needed to add some extra rounds to make it large enough.

Bright Flower......

Using up the last of the turquoise yarn on the central flower:
Tuesday 30th July
This is square 51 from the crochet blocks book, I really like the central flower pattern - it'd make a good badge too!


Another one of those squares where I have no idea where the name comes from:
Monday 29th July
Square 14 from the crochet blocks book, unfortunately I ran out of pale green before the final round so had to edge it with dark green instead.

Band of Bobbles.......

Another square using the bobble stitch to good effect:
Sunday 28th July
This is square 34 from the crochet blocks book.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Thunder and Lightning....

I spent today at a cousin's wedding and during the speeches a humdinger of a thunder storm passed over head, this provided me with the inspiration for today's square:
Saturday 27th July
This 'lightning' square is number 70 from the crochet blocks book.

Big Round.......

This is one of my favourite squares created recently:
Friday 26th July
The central circle uses the cluster stitch to good effect and I really like the combination of solid corners and the lacy sections in the darker wool. This is square 173 from the crochet blocks book.

Bobble Diamond.....

I really like adding texture when using plain yarn as it adds a bit of interest to the square and these bobbles do just the job:
Thursday 25th July
This is square 4 from the crochet blocks book.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Old Vienna......

I'm not sure where the name comes from but this pretty square was a simple variation on a basic square:
Wednesday 24th July
This square is number 98 from the crochet blocks book, the picture in the book is much better than mine!

The central square......

Incase you hadn't worked it out I'm currently working on squares for a blue-green blanket, using the variegated merino wool for some and mixing it up with some blue and green squares for contrast. I think today's square using the four blue and green wools in quarters will look good as the centre square for this blanket:
Tuesday 23rd July
This square was worked in double crochets, starting with a foundation chain of 29 - hence there are 14 stitches in each colour.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

A royal baby.......

William and Kate's little boy (and future king) arrived today and even being out of the country you could escape the news! So today's square also has a royal theme - Queen Anne's Lace:
Monday 22nd July
Square number 47 from the crochet blocks book.

Sunshine lace.....

It seemed totally appropriate that I should make a square called sunshine lace whilst enjoying the sunshine!
Sunday 21st July
This is square 64 from the crochet blocks book.

Another basic variation.....

When crocheting whilst lying on a sun lounger soaking up the sunshine you don't want to make anything too difficult so today's variation on the basic square was perfect:
Saturday 20th July
This pattern is the same as the basic granny, however in place of the chain stitch worked between sets  of trebles a front post double treble crochet is worked round the centre treble stitch from the previous round and sets of treble crochets are worked in the top of this fpdtc stitch on later rounds.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Day 200!!!!

I can't believe that today's square is the two hundredth item I have made for this project!
It is a mix of yesterday's chains and trebles and rounds of treble crochets:
Friday 19th July
Oh and a photo of the view from my hotel room window......

Trebles and chains.......

Today's square takes the basic granny square and adds a chain stitch in place of every other treble crochet:
Thursday 18th July

Stretchy stripes......

One of the great things about this merino wool is that it actually looks best with simple stitches:
Wednesday 17th July
This is a square I first made way back in January on day 8 of this project, I really liked it then and it's still a favourite stitch as I approach day 200!

More basics......

This take on a basic granny square has a fourth stitch worked in the corner - a double treble crochet worked across the previous set of three treble crochets, which when worked on consecutive rounds creates a ridge diagonally out from the centre to the corner (not very clear on the photo!):
Tuesday 16th July

A busy week......

A busy week means some simple squares, starting with this basic granny edged by a round of treble crochets followed by a round of double crochets:
Monday 15th July

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Popcorn corners......

A busy day necessitated a fairly simple square:
Sunday 14th July
This one has a popcorn stitch worked in each corner and rounds of basic treble crochets in between.

Merino magic......

When in Keswick last year I discovered a little haberdashery - needles and pins - the stock may not be very well presented but it is a treasure trove of bits and pieces, including some fab variegated merino wool. As I was in the area I thought I should pop back in and see what I could find.......
Saturday 13th July
This square is entitled light and shade from the crochet blocks book.

Finishing off......

As another week in the Lakes comes to a successful end so does my stash of yarn. So today's square uses up all the left over bits and pieces in this stripy square:
Friday 12th July

Lemon peel......

A week of drinking traditional lemonade to cool down made this square most appropriate! Another one from the crochet squares book:
Thursday 11th July

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Green Gable......

In order to see the gold D of E groups today we went up over Grey Knotts, Brandreth and Green Gable, a really enjoyable day out. So it seemed fitting to crochet a square that looked a bit like a mountain:
This green and bobbly square is a combination of squares 41 and 20 from the crochet squares book - I might make another one of these nearer Christmas as it also looks a bit like a Christmas tree!

Tuesday, 9 July 2013


We are enjoying the hottest week of the year whilst away on expedition, the students are doing really well considering the heat and the weight they are carrying on their backs. It seemed apt that I made a square in sunshine yellow that looked like rays of sunshine:
Square 86 from the crochet blocks book.
And a view of the sunset from camp:


On Monday all the silver teams crossed Windermere via the chain ferry, this meant time to enjoy the sunshine and crochet a square whilst waiting for them:
This is square 31, primrose square from the crochet blocks book.

Shell lace.....

A week in the Lake District supervising silver and gold D of E expeditions means a week in a tent with hit and miss Internet access!
Sunday, whilst waiting for the silver groups to pass gave me time to make this square of shell lace (number 30 from the crochet blocks book):

Saturday, 6 July 2013


Today's square has used up a number of odds and ends of yarn leftover from other projects:
And to go with the random yarns it is a totally random pattern, made up as I went along.

Too little time.....

An evening of packing and cooking and more packing left little time for crochet. So a basic granny was all I had time for:

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Granny hexagon.....

The inspiration for today's 'square' came from a pack of tissues:
The cool hexagons on the wrapper prompted me to make one of my own:

Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Today's square starts with 29 chain stitches, working 28 dc starting from the second chain from the hook. After 4 rows I introduced the white yarn for the final 4 stitches, this format was followed adding an extra 4 stitches in white every 4 rows until all stitches are white creating the stepped pattern:

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Half way......

Today's post is number 183, 182 done already and another 182 to go! So to signify the half way point in my project I have made a square which is in two halves:
Six rows of trebles crochets in pale purple followed by six rows in white.

Monday, 1 July 2013

An openwork square......

A simple square using double and treble crochets worked in rows to create a square which has rows of holes in it:
This is square 10 from the 200 crochet blocks book.