Saturday, 30 November 2013

Wise man number 2.......

Alongside items to sell at the craft fair I'm also trying to work on the crochet nativity. Today I managed to finish the second wise man:
Monday 11th November

Bright Pink Cowl.......

The preparations for  the craft fair continue apace....... Today I made a fab bright pink cowl with a crocodile stitch brooch on it out of some silk yarn that I found half price in John Lewis:
Sunday 10th November

More brooches.......

I have made several more of the crocodile stitch brooches to sell at a forthcoming craft market:
Saturday 9th November

Monday, 25 November 2013

And one more sparkly candle holder.......

I think the title says it all:
Friday 8th November
This one has four chains followed by a double crochet all the way round and then in the next round the double crochet is worked in the chain spaces previously created.


The next figure in my crochet nativity is complete:
Thursday 7th November
This is Joseph, the pattern has him with a crook but I'm not sure whether to make a separate shepherd with a crook to go with the sheep!

Another candle holder.......

My stock for the up coming craft fair is increasing. Today I have made another sparkly candle holder:
Wednesday 6th November
This one is made by working alternating treble crochets and chain stiches and then working successive rounds in the space left by the previous chain stitches.

Another large circle......

Today I have finished making the back for my cushion cover:
Tuesday 5th November
This has been worked in a single colour and a thicker wool in contrast to the front. Now all I have to do is join the front and back together to complete the cover.

Another mug cosy.......

The pattern for this mug cosy is the same as the ones previously made, this time with red buttons to create a pansy effect:
Monday 4th November

A candle holder.......

Today I have worked a sparkly candle holder:
Sunday 3rd November
The pattern for this is the same as the purple on worked previously:


I have finally finished adding the ruffles to my cushion cover:
Saturday 2nd November
This photo does not do it justice, I'll try and take a better one when I eventually get the whole cover completed.
The ruffle was worked by alternating one treble crochet and two treble crochets in each of the previously worked ridged stiches.

Felt Flower Mug Cosy.......

Today's 'square' is a mug cosy, worked in rows of double crochet and edged in double crochets:
Friday 1st November
I have added some purple felt flowers, attached with a selection of buttons.


It feels like it's been a while since I've made a square:
Thursday 31st October
The pattern for this square can be found here:

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Circular ridges.......

A double crochet stitch has been worked in the front loop of each stitch in the circle:
Wednesday 30th October 
This has created a spiral ridge, I will now work my way back to the edge of the circle using treble crochets......

A trinket pot.......

I have been invited to sell my crochet items at a Christmas craft fair in Wolverhampton at the end of November. Alongside my blankets I thought it'd be good to make some smaller (cheaper!) items. I knew I'd been keeping these little glass dishes for a reason - they'll make excellent trinket pots or candle holders:
Tuesday 29th October
The inspiration for this came from the pattern below. However I added a solid circular base for stability and worked the whole thing in one piece, adding a smaller round as the final one I order to hold the top up.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

A lovely lovey........

Today I made a teddy bear head to attach to the large square from yesterday to make a lovey:
Monday 28th October

A large square.......

Today's piece of crochet is a larger than normal square worked in super soft wool:
Sunday 27th October
It is made using the treble crochets stitch, round and round and round.......

A large circle......

What a mad three weeks - no time at all for completing my blog posts. I am going to make it my aim to get back up to date over the coming weekend.......

I have finally made my cushion cover circle (started back in February) large enough for the cushion pad I bought:
Saturday 26th October

This is not a good photo but you can get the idea!
Now to work my way out putting a double crochet in the front loop of each stitch to create a spiral ridge.