Friday, 22 March 2013

Making up for lost time....

I've been away in Brecon, Wales for the past three days and with access to the Internet being very limited I have not managed to complete my blog posts. I did however take my crochet hook and a variety of yarns and during the down time I have managed to complete my squares (much to the amusement of the teenage boys I was away with - most of whom have never seen crochet being done before!). I will get up to date with my posts over the next couple of days.
Wednesday's square:
This square involved a degree of improvisation...... Here is the pattern as I remember it:

Work 12 double crochets into a magic ring.
Work 2 double crochets into each stitch from the previous round.
5 chains, skip 2 dc, dc into next dc, repeat 8 times.
Slip stitch into chain space, 2 ch, 5 tc, 1dc. Repeat in each 5 chain space around. Flower complete.
Now to make it square:
tc round dc from round 3, chain 4, dc round next dc from round 3, chain 4. Repeat 3 more times - square made.
Chain 3, work 2 tc in chain space, chain 1, work 1 tc in same chain space, tc in dc from previous round, 1 tc in next chain space, chain 1, 3 tc in same chain space, chain 2, this is one edge finished. Work 3 lots of 3 tc in the same manner in other 3 edges.
Complete 2 more rounds of a standard granny square.
Work one final round of treble crochets, working a treble crochet in each stitch from the previous round - to avoid a gap in the corner work 2tc in the first chain of the corner, then one treble treble crochet into the chain space followed by 2tc in the final chain of the corner.

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