Monday, 30 December 2013

Penultimate square.......

I can't believe that tomorrow signifies the last day of this project. I also can't believe that I have made it all the way through 2013 and have managed to crochet something every single day! On some days I have had to be a bit creative about where/when I've crocheted - on planes, trains and buses, on sun beds, in bars and at campsites, in the blazing Greek sunshine, the snow of the Peak District and the dark of a Cotswold campsite, in the privacy of my lounge or garden and on numerous school trips.
So where was today's square created? In an Oslo bar, where the beer was £8 a pint and we needed to shelter from the cold outside. It uses a mix of tc, bpdtc, dc and chain stitches to give a central raised square (not clear from the photo) surrounded by a more lacy section:
Monday 30th December

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