Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Crocheting with ribbon.....

I bought this ribbon at a craft show a couple of years ago because it was so lovely, the problem was what to do with it. I have created a very simple square which shows off the sparkle in the ribbon to good effect (look at the full size image to see what I mean):
This was worked in rows of treble crochets. Create a foundation chain, add 3 extra chains for the first treble crochet, work a treble crochet in each chain (starting in the 4th chain from the hook). Start each fresh row with 3 chains as the first treble crochet.
I haven't ended this one off yet as I don't think this square will fit in with the blanket I hope to make from all these squares I am making, it will probably end up as a scarf of some sort!!

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