Sunday, 2 June 2013

Another squircle.....

One thing that never ceases to amaze me about this year long project of mine is how much my crochet is improving. I now have the confidence to pick up a ball of wool and a hook and know that even without a pattern I will be able to make something up using the wide variety of new stitches I have discovered. So in true Blue Peter fashion..... 'Here's one I made earlier':
Pattern (in English terms):
Round 1 - Using a magic circle chain 2, then work 12 tc in the ring, join and pull tight.
Round 2 - In each tc from the previous round work a dc and a dtc, join.
Round 3 - In each stitch from the previous round work a tc, join.
Round 4 - Repeat round 2.
Round 5 - Repeat round 3.
Round 6 - Ch 3, skip 1 tc, slip stitch in next tc, repeat all the way round.
Round 7 - Slip stitch into first 3 ch space, *3 dc in this ch space, 3 htc in next ch space, 3 tc in next ch space, ch 3, 3 tc in next ch space, 3 htc in next ch space, 2 dc in next ch space. Repeat from * 3 times, join to first dc.
Round 8 - Ch 2, work a tc in the joining stitch, tc in each stitch around, working 2 tc, 3 ch, 2 tc in each corner space.
I then added 1 more round of dc to make it the right size.


  1. I thought you told me there was only one stitch!

  2. One stitch on the hook at any time! The different stitches basically depend on how many times you wrap the yarn round the hook.....

  3. Do you use any chains to go from one round to the next?

  4. I do, at the start of each round I have used the appropriate number of chain stitches. Eg 3 ch in place of the first tc. Hope this helps.